Friday, January 25, 2013

MYSTERY SOLVED! - Not a "Cobra" but "The Eye-Saver"

For a long time this lamp was known as the so-called "Cobra" among dealers and collectors alike, causing at times fears debates about it's name, designer and period. Often falsely attributed to Norman Bel Geddes.

With the discovery of an original Faries lamp catalogue from 1952 the mystery has been solved and facts confirmed. This lamp was designed by JEAN OTIS REINECKE in 1946 and produced by Faries Manufacturing Co. in Decatur, IL USA. Design Patent: 146,987.

In an original Faries catalogue from 1952, this lamp is listed under no. 60243 and is
simply called: "The Eye-Saver".

An excerpt from the original Faries Manufacturing Co. Lamp catalogue 1952. "The Eye-Saver" as offered to general public.

An original design patent filed on Jan. 7, 1946 by Jean Otis Reinecke (Des. 146,987)

 THE JOY OF COLLECTING! - by Robert :-)

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