Friday, November 21, 2008

French Art Deco fruit bowl 1930s

A quintessence of French Art Deco design and luxury. Fruit bowl with smoked glass, chrome and macassar ebony.

German Bauhaus Helo chrome table lamp 1950s

Chrome table lamp, another example of German Bauhaus school design.

French Art Deco library 1930s

Polish modernist table lamp 1930s

A truly fine example of Polish 1930s mix Bauhaus/Art Deco design manufactured by Marciniak - Warsaw.

British Art Deco cream and sugar 1930s

A rare British Art Deco set of cream and sugar, chrome plated with phenolic orange handles.

German Bauhaus chrome table lamp 1970s

A minimalist chromed table / desk lamp reflecting in every aspect the school of Bauhaus.

French Art Deco canapé - cosy 1940s

German Art Deco WMF Ikora lamp 1930s

WMF Ikora table lamp with etched metal design and characteristic "glassine" shade.

Czech Art Deco marble photo frame 1930s

A sharp looking photo frame with typical Art Deco lines in honey-mustard marble. This frame originates from Pilsen, Czech Rep.

German bakelite alarm clock "Ruhla" 1950s

An East German alarm clock manufactured in 1950s with its design based on a French "JAZ" clocks. Red-brown bakelite casing.

French Art Deco table lamp (re-edition of 1930s classic)

A chrome plated recent re-edition of "Jean Perzel" table/bureau lamp.

British Art Deco Metamec mantel clock 1950s

A very massive brass and phenolic mantel clock with black bakelite feet.

German Art Deco porcelain cream and sugar 1950s

Classic Art Deco design white porcelain with gold rim cream and sugar manufactured by Porzellanfabrik Lettin, Colditz.

German WMF IKORA metal fruit bowl 1950s

WMF Ikora fruit bowl, partially silverplated with black stripes design.

German Telefunken radio - 1952

Streamline design, wood and bakelite casing.

German Art Deco fruit knives 1930s

A beautiful set of 6 fruit knives with two tone phenolic handles and a table stand. Presumably used only as a house decoration. Knives are unused and marked "Rostfrei Solingen".

German WMF metal fruit plate 1950s

This fruit plate with its zigzag design carries all the characteristics of etched metal WMF Ikora tradition of 1930s.

German WMF platter 1950s

German WMF platter with typical rounded brush strokes finish and black bakelite handles. This technique was developed in late 1920s and used on many WMF products.

German Art Deco glass fruit plate 1930 - 1940s

This beautiful Rosa fruit plate was produced in Saxony, Germany by the Sächsische Glasfabrik August Walther & Söhne AG.

German Art Deco cake lifter 1930s

German Art Deco cake lifter with two tone phenolic handle and characteristic decor.

French Art Deco/Modernist oval cocktail tray 1930s

French Art deco/Modernist oval aluminium cocktail tray with mirror and wooden handles.

German Art Deco porcelain sugar bowl 1950s

A very exquisite limited edition sugar bowl with dragon motive - echo of 1920-30 Art Deco fascination with Orient. Motive and rims are in real gold leaf! Marked: "Waldershof, Bavaria, 197".

French Art Deco sugar bowl/bonbonniere 1930s

A stunning French Art Deco chromed aluminium sugar bowl/bonbonniere with phenolic deep green handles.

German Stassfurt radio - 1950s

Perhaps one of the typical radios in many German households of that era, nevertheless an undying classical and a very sought after cult object. Beautiful walnut veneered casing.v

German WMF candle holder 1950s

German WMF silver plated cadle holder.

French Art Deco - Modernist cocktail tray 1930s

French Art deco - Modernist aluminium cocktail tray with mirror and wooden handle.

French Art Deco sugar bowl 1940s

French Art Deco chromed aluminium sugar bowl with black bakelite handles. On the bottom marked: "cuivre chrome - MENESA".

Art Deco sugar tongue 1930s

Beautiful Art Deco sugar tongue in massive silver. Marked: "800 Sibeta", presumably German.

German Art Deco Alpacca soup ladle 1930s

A massive German soup ladle with characteristic Art Deco design on the handle.

French Art Deco coffee set 1940s

A very representative French Art Deco chromed aluminium coffee set with cherry red bakelite handles.

German Art Deco Jasba bonbonniere 1950s

A very beautiful bonbonnier from Jasba Keramik. Despite model numbers, all ceramics due to applied process are never the same showing a unique design. Model stamped and numbered: "24 Germany".

German Körting radio - 1949

Radio with a typical Central European pre-war Art Deco lines in a beautiful and masive walnut veneered casing.

German WMF Ikora metal fruit plate 1950s

German WMF Ikora metal fruit plate with chestnut leaf design. This is a continuation of a very successful line developed in 1930s.

English Art Deco set of butter knives 1940s

This beautiful set of butter knives is still in its original waxed paper wrapping. Handles made of ivory coloured plastic mass. Knife blade marked: Battle Axe - Stainless.

French Art Deco bonbonniere 1930s

A rare French Art Deco bonbonniere with mirror tray and a heavy press glass inset.

French Art Deco "champignon" night table lamp 1940s

A beautiful so-called "petit champignon" French Art Deco night table lamp.

French Art Deco buffet & console table 1930s

Polish Art Deco glass fruit plate 1930s

This plate represents quintessence of Polish Art Deco design and was manufactured by the Glasswork - Huta Niemen. This particular example is in a deep amber press glass with forward strokes often seen on Lempicka's paintings.

British Art Deco - Medernist alarm clock 1930s

This is a representative of British Are Deco solid chrome modernist alarm clock on pivotal base.